Trusted Brokers

At Small Business Majority, we’ve made it our mission to ensure New Jersey small employers have access to the tools and resources they need to provide quality health coverage to their employees. In the past year, we’ve assisted nearly 100 employees working for 40 businesses enroll in coverage through the new insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act. But in order to help more small businesses across the state enroll in affordable and comprehensive coverage, we need the support of trusted insurance brokers, like you.

We realize the important role brokers play in helping small businesses obtain coverage. In fact, our opinion polling found two-thirds of small businesses say they rely on brokers for information about health insurance. Your in-depth understanding of specific insurance plans and long-standing industry expertise is vital to helping small businesses find cost-saving measures and coverage options. That’s why we’re putting together our Trusted Broker list.

Our Trusted Brokers list will connect brokers with small business owners who want to enroll in coverage through the new individual and small business health insurance marketplaces. These brokers will not only have access to our extensive network of small businesses in New Jersey, but will also be featured on our Health Coverage Guide website.

To learn more about joining our Trusted Brokers list, contact Aixa Acevedo at [email protected] or (646) 801-9489.