About NY State of Health

At the New York State of Health Small Business Marketplace, owners can compare multiple carriers and plans online by utilizing a streamlined enrollment process making shopping around and enrolling as convenient as ever. Billing is consolidated so you pay only one monthly bill.

Getting started

Small businesses wanting to enroll and provide health and dental insurance should have 50 or fewer employees, offer coverage to all available employees and have their primary business location established in the state of New York. No minimum employer contribution or employee participation is required.

What they offer

  • Choice and Value – small business owners have the ability to make a variety of health and dental plans available to them, giving them more options when choosing plans that meet employee need, price points and a comprehensive date of coverage to satisfy all your business’ needs.
  • Defined Contribution – the Small Business Marketplace offers increased flexibility to owners by enabling them to set their own contribution levels and coverage tiers. This grants owners the option to pick the most affordable premium level for them, and endows employees with greater choice when it comes to the coverage they want.
  • Tax Benefits – enrolling in the marketplace gives qualified small business owners access to the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, which can reduce your costs even further and cover up to 50% of your contribution to employee premium costs.
  • Assistance – enrollment assistance from certified brokers and trained agents, as well as additional information from navigators can help throughout the entire process of getting covered. The Small Business Marketplace Customer Service is also available in multiple languages and for an extended set of hours.
  • Administrative Simplicity for Employers – with only one monthly bill, one account and easy online enrollment, it’s never been easier or less of a hassle to get comprehensive coverage for you and your small business.

What you will need

Gather information! Completing your application will require your business information including your employer identification number (EIN), as well as employee information including SSN, DOB, and email addresses. To get a feel for the site, you can shop anonymously without entering any of this information, or proceed to set up your account and enroll.