Paperwork and Plan Administration

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Sponsoring group medical coverage requires paperwork. While these tasks usually aren’t too burdensome, the time and money you’ll need to spend managing your plan is a cost that you need to weigh along with the cash costs. Keep in mind that brokers often provide many of these services.

Paperwork and employee relations management comes into play:

  • At the beginning when you introduce the health plan to employees.
  • Once a year for annual enrollment.
  • With ongoing maintenance, including:
    • Adding/deleting employees and family members.
    • Making premium payments.
    • Dealing with problems (billing, eligibility, claims).
    • Collecting contributions and managing the payroll to accurately reflect employee contributions.
    • Managing the paperwork for new and terminating employees.

When working with a broker, be sure to discuss with them what administrative duties they’ll assume, and which will remain your responsibility.