Small Business Majority and Missouri

Small Business Majority is doing more than any other organization to educate and prepare small business owners about marketplace enrollment. From creating a comprehensive health coverage guide in both English and Spanish, to holding informational webinars and outreach events to talk with real small business owners about the exchanges, Small Business Majority is at the forefront of efforts to inform and assist small business owners with health exchanges. Visit our calendar page to see a list of the numerous events and seminars we are holding to educate small business owners.

Our Research

Small Business Majority commissioned scientific opinion polling in eight states to discern how small business owners view the Affordable Care Act. According to the poll results, more Missouri small business owners would like to see the Affordable Care Act upheld—as is or with minor changes—than would like to see it overturned. Moreover, after learning more about its specific provisions, their support for upholding the law grows. For the full report, please click here.

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